When you are planning to build a whole new wall for your room or for any part of your home, one of the more popular choices to use as materials for this project is drywall. Drywall is a material that is super famous in modern construction especially that it is light and easy to manipulate and work with, it is fire resistant so you and your family members are super safe and they offer better aesthetic appeal. What you need to do know, however, is that drywall comes in various finishes. Finishes are the textures that drywalls manifest especially when installed.  


You could actually choose what finishes you want for your drywall. However, in order to achieve it in the most successful way, what you need to do is to hire a professional installer. Hiring a professional company such as Drywall Installation St George UT is a must specially that you want to achieve a beautiful and visually appealing wall. Before doing so, here are some of the finishes of drywalls that you could choose from: 

  1. Orange Peel 

One of the most famous finishes that is used on drywall installation is called orange peel. This type of finishing is popularly used on constructing houses or remodeling interiors. This particular type of finish is also a drywall contractor favorite because it is easy work it out in order to perfect the texture- they only need to spray it one and let it dry, eventually. After this one, there are no more other steps of things that you should do. Meaning, after spraying, installers could just relax. After drying, the installer could proceed to priming and finally, painting. Then that’s it. Sounds easy but only a professional could pull it off nicely.  

  1. Knock Down 

If you are wondering why this is the name of the next finish, it all lies on the processes involved on how the finish is achieved. That is, the drywall mud is primarily sprayed along the drywall and then eventually, the droplets become are way bigger that the droplets as to that of an orange peel finish. Next, when the droplets have slightly become dehydrated, or simply put, slightly dried up, then a drywall knife is used in order to run across the above level of the droplets, eventually creating the finish known as knock down.  

  1. Mud Swirl 

Another top tier finish for drywall is called the mud swirl. In this particular finish, partial circular patterns are manifested and are mostly used in ceilings while sometimes also used on walls. Spinning, whirling or churning is manifested like stacked semi circles arranged in rows. This could be achieved by applying drywall mud in a thin coat and then through dragging the brush on circular motions, it could create the patter of the finish.  

Although you have a lot of options when it comes to drywall installation and the finishes that it comes with, what you need to understand is that you need to look for an installer that could pull off the type of finish that you want the most.