Attempting to reroof your commercial roofing is ultimately an important investment. If you have a long-lasting roof, it could result in maximized ROI and stability. Studies indicate that the usual lifespan of the building would be approximately 75 years and a normal roof could last for just 15 years. Prolonging the lifespan of your roof up to 25 years can make a lot of difference seeing the entire material, transport emission, and manufacturing energy that comes with every re-roofing and roof project. As a property manager, what can you do to guarantee that you will prolong and maximize the life of your roof? If you don’t have any idea, keep on reading this article to know 3 important steps you can follow:

Prioritize preventative maintenance

Perhaps roof maintenance is the most vital factor if you want to have a long-lasting roof from your commercial roofing. It is always best to prevent something than to repair a damaged or leaking roof. Keeping up your roof involves addressing possible issues that could be due to nearby trees, making sure that rainwater properly flows through your downspouts and drains, and clearing developed debris from the roof field. If you need to have your roof fixed, it would be best to consult your selected roofing contractor and listen to what he/she recommends before it becomes too late.

Have your roof inspected by a professional roofer regularly

Thorough inspections should be done at least twice every year or after any massive weather climate. Select a certified and trusted roofing company so that you will gain the peace of mind knowing that you will be given a correct and honest assessment. An in-depth roof assessment will cover drainage systems, roofing membranes, and particular attention to obvious places such as the edges and penetrations. Nearly 90% of leaks begin to form at such roof intersections. Once you leave the leaks unattended and unfixed, know that it can immediately get worse. Once the ultimate assessment will require you to have your roof replaced with a new one, a skilled contractor will also assess all of your commercial roof coatings Fort Wayne. Looking for the reason of an issue is important to prevent having unwanted headaches and unsolicited costs that can possibly occur from new roofing problems in the future.

Look for the precise balance between energy codes and insulation

Roof life, energy codes, and insulation should all fall into position. Remember that a more insulated building would need to manage better amounts of thermal stress. Because insulation restricts energy from getting into the building, the membrane of your commercial roofing will take on the energy. As a result, it could cause an unstable temperature day in and out together with further contraction and expansion of the membrane, which greatly shortens the life of your roof. That’s why it is really important to find the perfect balance between energy codes and insulation. To do that, you need a trusted roofing service provider. If so, contact us right away!